This first blog page is dedicated to world news, world data and world information. At the IWS website we give lots of world stats and country information. For example there is a very useful country list, featuring 249 countries by world regions, and there is also the alphabetical list of world countries, one of the site’s most visited pages.

Recently we found an interesting website which gives descriptions and videos for most of the countries in the world, in alphabetical order. It’s called Ds-Lands, take a look at it, the content is quite good.

Below is the Big Picture from IWS, for details, please visit the main table.

World RegionsPopulation (2015)Internet Users (2014)Penetration (2014)Growth (2000-2014)Users (% World)
Africa1,158,353,014318,633,88927.5 %6,958.2 %10.3 %
Asia4,032,654,6241,405,121,03634.8 %1,129.3 %45.6 %
Europe827,566,464582,441,05970.4 %454.2 %18.9 %
Middle East236,137,235113,609,51048.1 %3,358.6 %3.7 %
North America357,172,209310,322,25786.9 %187.1 %10.1 %
Latam / Caribbean615,583,127322,422,16452.4 %1,684.4 %10.5 %
Oceania / Australia37,157,12026,789,94272.1 %251.6 %0.9 %
WORLD Total7,264,623,7933,079,339,85742.4 %753.0 %100.0 %

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