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World Languages Update

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We all know that the Digital Divide is affected by the many different languages the people speak in the world. Here at IWS we are tracking and updating these numbers. We have three web pages with the data, the first one covers the countries in the A to G range, and we are glad to say it has been updated. Here is the Link.

June 30, 2017 Update

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For Internet World Stats (IWS) certain dates are very important. The middle of each year, June 30, in particular, is a special date. On this date we try to do a general update to the Internet Big Picture. This small webpage gives you a summary, an x-ray, of the world population by geographic region and an estimate of the number of Internet users in the world. From the stats table, you can visit all our website by using the links. View details.

New Stats for 2017

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The main stats table, which we call "the Big Picture", has new stats. Right now, for 2017 world population we have an estimate of 7,519,028,970 persons and for Internet users we have 3,739,698,500 users. These numbers give a global Internet Penetration of 49.7%, this means that aproximately half of the world's population is using the Internet. These numbers are amazing and a very good sign for the future!

We say this because in general terms, communities that use the Internet enjoy a better quality of life. This is happening all over the world, in all regions, according to our research work.

OECD Update

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The OECD stats page has been updated and the country GDP per capita data has been added. The purpose here is to initiate a research project regarding the influence of Internet usage on the economic progress of the world countries, and its effect on the gross domestic product. IWS will try to determine the existence of a positive correlation between these two variables.