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Number 007 - June, 2005

New Internet Worldwide Usage Statistics Update

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Hello and a great welcome to all subscribers. The mayor trend in Internet usage today is the growth of broadband access. People are making the change from dial-up to broadband access in most places. This evolution is making possible great advances in massive use of new technologies such as ipodcasting, streaming video and other enhancements.

Higher download speeds at lower prices are making Internet usage much more enjoyable, useful, and popular the world over. The reach of the Internet as a source of local information in the United States has increased from 60 % of total households to 70 % (this is equal to traditional newspapers).

Today we have something special for our loyal newsletter subscribers. The preview of the latest update to the Internet Usage Stats by world regions. The figures are not displayed yet at our website.

Enjoy reading your personal IWS newsletter.

By 2010, 80 Percent Broadband Internet in the United States

About 8.2 million U.S. households signed up for high-speed Internet access in 2004, bringing the total number of U.S. households with broadband to 31.9 million - a 35 percent year-over-year increase - according to Jupiter Research, reports MediaPost. Jupiter predicted that up to 69 million households - 78 percent of U.S. online homes - would have broadband by 2010 if providers continue to lower their prices.

Around 43 percent of online households in the United States were connected via broadband in 2004. Comcast market share was the largest - 22 percent. SBC-Yahoo was second with 13 percent. Time Warner accounted for 12 percent, and Verizon 10 percent.

Cable companies account for 63 percent of the market and were responsible for more than half of the 2004 growth, providing 4.4 million of the new broadband households with high-speed service. The remaining 3.7 million new broadband households connected via DSL, which accounts for roughly 35 percent of the market. Read our Broadband Primer.

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Internet Usage Statistics Preview

As of June 30, 2005 there are 928,043,280 Internet users in the world. This corresponds to a current 14.5% penetration rate, and a five year growth percentage of 157.1 %. The distribution according to percentage of users in the total world is as follows:

World Regions

2005 Est.

Users, 2005

tion Rate

% World




8.7 %

33.9 %




36.8 %

29.0 %

Northern America



67.9 %

24.0 %

Latin America + Caribbean



12.5 %

7.3 %

Middle East



8.3 %

2.3 %




49.2 %

1.8 %




231.2 %

1.7 %

Total World



14.5 %

100.0 %

Source: Internet World Stats , June, 2005.

Note1: Penetration Rate, is expressed as regional population percentage.
Note2: Percent of Internet Users is based on 6,420,102,722 estimated world population.

It is not a surprise to see that Internet growth is lower in the higher penetration regions, and higher in the lower penetration regions. The Internet World Stats website statistics will be updated at the end of July, 2005 when additional country figures are received for inclusion in the data tables. We seem to be getting closer to the one billion Internet users target mark scheduled for the end of year 2005.

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New Content at the Website

More individual country information pages with fresh research data are now available at the IWS website. Some of the these new pages are:

European Union: Compares GDP per capita data for 2004 in 32 countries.

Belgium: Internet Usage and Broadband analysis 2002-2006.

Digital Divide: Information on the 50 x 15 Initiative for bridging the gap.

Dictionaries: Links to Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Thesaurus.

Canada: Internet Broadband Review for 2004.

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That's all for today. Stay tuned for the midyear Internet usage statistics update to be announced in the IWS Newsletter July issue.

Take care,

Enrique de Argaez,
editor and webmaster

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