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Internet Usage Statistics:
59,700,000 Internet users as of June/10, 42.8% penetration, according to ITU.

Latest Population Estimate:
139,390,205 population for 2010, according to the Census Bureau.

Russia Country Area:
16,894,741 sq km, population density: 8 persons per sq km

Gross Domestic Product:
GNI per capita is US$ 10,740 according to I.M.F.

Search Engines and Directories:

Russia Search Engines
Russian Search Engines and Directories




% Pop.

Usage Source




2.1 %





20.8 %





27.0 %





32.3 %





42.8 %


Russia Market Profile

Russia Country Profile
Russia Map, Demography and Basic Information.

Russian Domestic ITC Market Overview

Russia Information in English
RIANOVOSTI features Russian news in several languages.

Russia Country Profile
Russia Profile from the BBC of London

Russia Today
Top Stories and News from Russia

Russian Internet News

Russia Profile Dot Org
Unwrapping the mystery inside the enigma

Russia - Broadband Internet Market, Overview, Analysis and Forecasts
Broadband now dominates Russia’s Internet market, as incumbent and alternative telecom operators deploy broadband infrastructure as part of a general trend of migrating beyond voice-centric offerings to voice, broadband and convergence services. The poor quality or lack of existing infrastructure has resulted in a variety of technology platforms used to offer broadband, including xDSL, cable, FttH/FttB and BPL. Wireless solutions such as WiFi and WiMAX have garnered much interest, with alternative operators rapidly deploying networks in a number of regional cities to build up subscriber numbers while fixed-line broadband subscriber levels are still low. Broadband diffusion is providing the basis on which an Internet economy is emerging that holds much potential for future commercial, government and social services. This report offers a concise overview of Russia’s rapidly developing broadband market, providing an overview of major players, technology platforms, statistics and broadband subscriber forecasts to 2018.

Russia - Key Statistics and Telecommunications Market Report
The Russian telecom market is the largest in Europe due to the size of its population. Its telecoms market is not homogenous due to the concentration of wealth in the west. All the market has been liberalised with competition most prevalent in Moscow. Svyazinvest, the holding company for Russia’s incumbent telecom operators continues to dominate the fixed-line market. Network developments are underway with incumbent and alternative operators deploying and modernising fixed-line network infrastructure to offer broadband and convergence services, utilising a host of technologies including WiFi, WiMAX, NGN and FttH/FttB. This report provides a concise overview of Russia’s fixed-line telecommunications and IT market. Information is presented on key regulatory developments, fixed-line networks and the regional incumbents and competing alternative operators. A range of statistics highlight the different growing sectors within the market and cover the fixed-line, IT, Internet access and mobile markets.

Russia - Mobile, Mobile Content and Applications Overview & Statistics Report
Russia has the largest mobile market in Europe. The rapidly growing sector is dominated by three major service providers (MTS, VimpelCom and MegaFon), which have expanded nationally through acquisitions of smaller regional service providers. MVNOs have also launched services. Competition in the key markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg is fierce, due to higher ARPU and MOU levels. Mobile SIM card penetration has surpassed 100% although actual mobile user penetration is lower. While ARPU levels have stabilised, MOU levels are on the rise, partly attributed to improved marketing. Future mobile growth will continue to be driven by voice in the short to medium term until availability and penetration of recently launched UMTS/3G services is high enough to offer affordable and desirable mobile data and content services on a sufficient scale. This report provides a concise overview of Russia’s mobile market, covering regulatory developments, the major mobile operators, technologies used and mobile data, content and applications, in addition to a variety of financial and operational statistics.

Russia Statistics

Russia Internet Usage 2006 - 2007

Russia Federal State Statistics Service

Keep tuned to the Europe Telecommunications Reports . More statistics, news and updates become available all the time.

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