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Internet World Stats Blog

July 1 - December 31, 2004

Microsoft Search Launched a New Wiki

(December 23 2004) -- Check out the new MSN Search Wiki launched today by Microsoft to gather feedback and gauge reactions to their new MSN search and MSN desktop search. According to the Wiki, the obvious competitors of MSN Search are the following:
Ask Jeeves

Go to the Wiki, when I visited they had 26,044 guests online! Check the Wiki here.

DSL Broadband Report for Q3 2004

(December 20 2004) -- The More than half a million people each week are choosing DSL around the world. DSL - the world's most popular broadband technology - added another 24 million subscribers in the first nine months of 2004, according to the latest data produced for the DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic. There are now 85.3 million subscribers - a growth of more than 39% so far in 2004. See the new DSL stats page.

$4 Billion Spent by Advertisers in SEM During 2004

(December 14 2004) -- The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) announced the release of a research paper, "The State of Search Engine Marketing 2004," which found that advertisers in North America (US and CA) spent $4.087 billion dollars in 2004 on search marketing programs.

The report breaks down advertiser spending for 2004 in several areas: $3.1 billion to search media companies; $618 million on SEM-related in-house expenses within advertising corporations; $380 million to search engine marketing agencies, and $30 million in SEM technology licensing fees.

SEMPO predicts that advertisers will spend on average an additional 39 percent in 2005 on their combined SEM compared to 2004. More information on the survey can be found at the
SEMPO website.


New Kid in the Blog Street

(December 7 2004) -- Blogs, which often provide commentary on content found elsewhere on the Web and provide links to it, are important to monitor as well. A fairly new site, Technorati, enables you to type in your company's Web site or product Web site, or that of your competitors, and see in real time what everybody's saying about your or your competitor's site. Not only will this show you who's linking, but also when the links went live.


Two New Search Engine Optimizing Tools at IWS

(December 3, 2004) -- Our readers suggested adding the following free tools to the website SEO section. Try them out and give us your feedback or review:

As you can guess from the name, this site features Page Rank Search, Link Popularity Checker, Google Position Search, Yahoo Position Search, and W@P Position Search. Try it out at:

MultiOS Browser
Test web browsers with MultiOS Browser. Tests available in German and English. Here you will find capabilities to test your browser for conformance of web standards. Test CSS1/CSS2, Document Object Model, Graphic Sizes, iFrames, JavaScript, SVG, XHTML, XML and XSLT. A Listing with browsers and suitable operating systems (AmigaOS, BeOS, Linux, MacOS, OS/2, Solaris, Unix, Windows) may be found. Test browsers with noscript or noframes or no-css support, see also all pages as most currently web browsers. Try it out using yout preferred browsers at:
MultiOS Browser

The Internet Activity Index

(November 18, 2004) -- The Online Publishers Association (OPA) today released the Internet Activity Index (IAI) for October 2004. The Index divides and tracks Internet usage among four distinct activities - Content, Communications, Commerce and Search - and was produced in conjunction with Nielsen//NetRatings. It is published monthly by the OPA. The October 2004 data revealed that Content held its position as the leading online activity as measured by share of time spent online.

In October, 40.2% of time spent online was spent on Content, followed by Communications at 39.8%, Commerce at 15.8% and Search at 4.3%. Commerce and Search were the only two categories to register increases in share of time spent in October 2004 versus September 2004, from 15.2% to 15.8% and from 4.0% to 4.3%, respectively.

IAI - October,2004

The New MSN Search Engine

(November 12 2004) Microsoft is committed to improving your search experience. They offer to make it easier and faster to find the information you need, and help you make the most of the time you spend online with their NEW MSN Search Engine.
Overture has been a strategic partner of MSN since 2001, and this distribution relationship with Microsoft in the United States and internationally has been extended through June 2006. This means Microsoft's advertising program is still under development. Below is the link to the new MSN SE, give it a try.

Test drive the MSN Search here

 Internet Users are Now 812 Million

(October 5 2004) - As of September 30, 2004 the number of Internet users in our stats equal 812,931,592, a new record figure. The average penetration rate is now 12.7 %. This means that about 13 out of every 100 persons use the Internet in the world.

Asia continues to lead in the number of surfers with 257,898,314 people, equivalent to 31.7% of the world total. Europe comes next with 230,886,424 surfers, 28.4% of the total. Northern America is third with 222,165,659 Internet users, a 27.3% of the total.

The remaining 12.6% is represented by 55,930,974 users in Latin America, plus 17,325,900 users in the Middle East, 15,787,221 users in Oceania, and 12,937,100 surfers in Africa.

Internet growth to date since the year 2000 has been 125.2%, or about 25% per year. At this rate, Internet will hit one billion users in 2005.

details here


 The New Internet Activity Index (IAI)

(August 26 2004) - The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced today the launch of the Internet Activity Index (IAI), a new way of looking at consumer engagement online developed in connection with Nielsen//NetRatings.

The IAI divides Internet usage into four distinct activities: Content, Communications, Commerce and Search. By tracking share of time spent on each activity on a monthly basis, the Index provides a benchmark for charting the relative impact of changing market dynamics on these segments as the Internet continues to evolve.

"Since its initial use primarily as a communications medium, the Internet has evolved into a platform that supports many types of activities and many different business models," said Michael Zimbalist, president of the Online Publishers Association. "It will be fascinating to track macro-level shifts in online activity through the IAI and gain a greater understanding of the level of engagement online consumers have with respect to each of these key segments."

To read the complete story (Press Release) and to see the full Internet Activity Index, visit the Online Publishers Association Website.

OPA website here

 US Online Retail Sales Growing Strong, Estimated over 300 Billion Dollars by 2010

(August 14 2004) - US online retail sales are on a strong growth track, and will likely hit 316 billion dollars by 2010, a technology research firm said.

Forrester Research pegged US online sales at some 144 billion dollars this year, and sees a 14 percent annual growth rate that would bring the Internet sector to some 12 percent of all US retail sales, from less than two percent currently.

Surveys on online spending vary greatly, with differing definitions of the holiday season and online purchases. Government figures, for example, exclude travel bookings and some other services online.

US government data showed 2003 online sales at 54.9 billion dollars, representing about 1.6 percent of all retail sales last year.

By Forrester's calculation, online retail sales will make up seven percent of the total for the United States in 2004.

Forrester said it sees travel as one of the biggest categories, growing to some 119 billion dollars by 2010, to be followed by home products (43 billion), and apparel (28 billion).

See details here


 Broadband to pass 50% in United States in July 2004

(July 19 2004) Overall, in July 2004 broadband penetration will pass 50% among active Internet users in the U.S. Hawaii has the highest broadband penetration in the US, while the Southeast and the Rocky Mountain states have the lowest residential broadband penetration.

See details here


Solid Growth in the Satellite and Broadband Wireless Sectors

(July 7 2004) The communications and technology market researcher's 2004 Global Broadband Subscriber Report indicates that satellite will capture slightly more than 12 million subscribers by 2008, still only 4 percent of total 2008 market share.

Broadband wireless will start from the same 2.3 million subscriber plateau as satellite, but will grow faster to achieve 8 percent of the broadband marketplace by 2008, driven by strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

Cable modem service is projected to trail DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)globally, but maintain its lead in the North American marketplace, according to the report. The cable modem market will grow from 34 million, as of yearend 2003, to almost 75 million in 2008.

See details here

This page features Internet Usage Statistics, Search Engine and Broad Band News from July to December/2004. To read the other historic Blog (since January/2006), please click here. These old Web Logs have been replaced by Internet Stats Today which reports on Updates to the Internet statistics and other content of this website.


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