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Internet World Stats Blog

News, Statistics and Search Tools Internet Usage and Search Engine Stats
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Year End Post

– December 28, 2007 – The year 2007 is quickly approaching its end, and we are sad to see it go. It was a great year for the Internet everywhere, and it was a good year for Miniwatts, our company. For next year we have several innovations planned here at Internet World Stats.

The first change is that the Site Surfing Guide will be available in ten languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, for the convenience of our visitors from other countries that don't speak English. The translations work is being done with the help of Web-Translations, our new partners for translation work, and whom we recommend for translating your websites when doing Global Marketing.

The second innovation is that as world population source we will be using the population data from the U.S. Census Bureau. They are a well known and trusworthy source of up to date population information for all the countries of the world. The 2007 4Q Internet World Stats, to be published towards the end of January 2008, will feature the new population data from the Census Bureau.

The other innovation is that we are planning to publish Internet Market Reports for all the countries and regions of the world, based on our data base archive of Internet Usage and Penetration for the world. These reports will be available for sale at this website in pdf format, and featuring historic data, market growth projections, exclusive graphs and tables, as well as high spot market reviews.

And last but not least, we want to wish you and all our website visitors a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008.

Latest Internet Information

– November 11, 2007 – The most current World Internet Usage data for most countries and territories, including the estimated number of broadband connections, or subscribers, as of November 11, 2007 has been added to the country list page. The latest Internet data is now available at the country list page .

Broadband Internet Information

– October 6, 2007 – Internet Broadband subscriber data has been included for most countries and territories of the World. The estimated number of broadband connections, or subscribers, as of September 30, 2007 is now 294,106,497 and the Internet penetration rate is now 4.5 %. The most penetrated countries, as well as the most numerous broadband countries are shown at the broadband stats page.

World Internet Usage Stats 3Q 2007

– October 2, 2007 – We have received new statistics from many countries and have published the World Internet usage and penetration rate estimates for 3Q 2007. The current number of Internet users is now 1,244,449,601 and the Internet penetration rate is now 18.9 %. Website tables and graphs by geographic regions are available at the main statistics page.

World Internet Stats 2Q 2007

– July 20, 2007 – New information from China and Vietnam has increased our previous estimate for the World Internet usage and penetration rate statistics for 2Q 2007. The estimated number of Internet users is now 1,173,109,925 and the Internet penetration rate is now 17.8 %. Website tables and graphs will be updated soon. Stay tuned and visit IWS again for the latest and most complete statistics.

G-8 Countries Internet

– June 8, 2007 – Today we have published the Internet usage and penetration statistics for the G8 group of countries. It is very revealing that the G8 (8 countries) have 44% of the Internet users, while the rest of the world (238 countries) only 56%, a very small share. By the way, IWS statistics have been updated to June, 2007. Enjoy.

A - Stat - A - Day

– May 29, 2007 – Today we have initiated a new blog called Internet Stats Today . We hope that you find it useful and entertaining. In this blog we will continue to publish the latest number of estimated users received from our various sources. New information for Mexico is 22.7 million Internet users and 20 million for Indonesia. China now has 144 Internet users, and new estimates are due in the next days. This new information brings the total Internet World Stats estimate up to 1,128,926,954 Internet users in the World, with a global penetration rate of 17.2%. New tables and charts will be published soon, towards the end of June, 2007.

New Internet Usage Statistics

– May 28, 2007 – The number of Internet users in Uzbekistan at the end of the first quarter of 2007 is 1,745,000 people and a new penetration rate of 6.6%. This new usage information brings the Internet World Stats estimate up to 1,124,426,954 Internet users in the World, with a global penetration rate of 17.1%. This new update may be seen at the Uzbekistan country page.

Internet Usage is Up Again

– May 23, 2007 – INDOTEL, the Dominican Telecommunications Institute, has reported that Internet subscribers have reached 201,058 and that the official number of Internet users in the Dominican Republic is now 2,100,000 with a penetration rate of 22.7%. This new confirmed figure brings the Internet World Stats estimate up to 1,123,561,954 Internet users in the World, with a global penetration rate of 17.1%. This new update may be seen at the Dominican Republic country page.

Increase in Internet Usage

– May 21, 2007 – Latest data from Asia have increased our estimated Internet users in the World to 1,122,954,961 and a penetration rate of 17.1%. These new updates may be seen at the country pages and correspond to Vietnam and China, both as of May 21/07.

Internet Usage Stats Update

– May 8, 2007 – According to the Nielsen Net Ratings figures for March of 2007, Internet users in Australia are now estimated at 15,045,473 and Internet users in the United States are down to an estimated 208,907,282. Incorporation of these two updates to our database gives an estimated 1,115,114,904 total Internet users worldwide, and a world penetration rate of 17.0%. Details for these updates may be seen at the country pages for Australia and United States, both as of March/07.

New Internet Usage Stats

– May 6, 2007 – According to the Internet World Stats figures, world Internet usage is now at 1,117,000,000 people and a global penetration rate of 17.0%. The latest updates correspond to 6,700,000 million Internet users in Colombia and 6,100,000 million Internet users in Peru, both as of December/06. More updates will be posted here as new statistics keep arriving from the field, published by many independent research firms, several ISP associations as well as official telecommunications regulation agencies from all over the world. We collect, compile, check, and publish this information. Please be patient with us, this is a free service that depends on third party data that takes some time to retrieve. Thanks for your understanding.

For access to the latest Internet statistics, as well as to view the historic data in our archives, you can subscribe to Internet Market Reports a membership website that contains the latest figures, as well as the old stats, and country Internet market research reports.

"De eso tan bueno
no dan tanto"

– May 6, 2007 – My father-in-law used to say "De eso tan bueno no dan tanto." In plain English, it means " Of that so good they do not give so much. " Lately our email boxes are receiving a lot of incredible messages! A very big and very rich company needs our help for cashing checks and for this work, we will be paid 10%. Another message is from a very rich widow that wishes to give us several millions to establish a charity, and for doing this work, we can keep 10% of the money. Another message is from a crooked bank officer that asks our help for collecting and cashing 24 million dollars that nobody should know about and we can keep 20% as compensation for our help. These are only a few of the many business proposal that have landed in our email boxes lately. Then there are all the lottery prizes that we have won! Remember "Of that so good they do not give so much." Internet scams are on the rise. Please delete all these great money making offers - they are all from scam artists. Be cautious and read our new Internet Fraud page.

World Internet Usage for March, 2007

– March 10, 2007 – Internet World Stats has informed that the latest estimate for worldwide Internet usage is 1,114,274,426 with an Internet penetration rate of 16.9%. Previous Internet Usage Report

United Kingdom Internet Usage Trends

– February 23, 2007 – Ofcom has released the latest annual Communications Market Report that reveals new trends about the television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications consumer usage in the United Kingdom. Read the complete summay here UK Internet Usage Trends

Malaysia Internet Usage Stats

– February 9, 2007 – Based on subscriber data from the MCMC, Internet World Stats estimates the number of Internet users in Malaysia at 13,528,200 in October/2006, with a penetration rate of 47.8%. This brings up the total Internet usage estimate to 1,102,844,956 people in the world, and a global penetration rate of 16.8%. Latest updates include 34,120,000 users in the Republic of Korea as of December/06, according to data released by the Korean Ministry of Informatics and Communications (MIC).

For access to the latest statistics, as well as to the historic 2000 to 2007 Internet usage data, subscribe today to Internet Market Reports .

New Internet Usage Stats

– February 5, 2007 – World Internet usage is estimated at 1,100,112,756 people according to the Internet World Stats database, and a global penetration rate of 16.7%. Latest updates correspond to 211 million users in the United States as of December/06, 137 million users in mainland China also for December/06, and 13 million users in Argentina as of September/06. More updates will be posted here as the 2006 year-end data arrives from the field, and all the IWS website statistical tables will be updated for March, 2007.

For access to the latest statistics, as well as to the historic data in our archives, subscribe to Internet Market Reports that containes these figures.

New Look for Internet World Stats

– January 20, 2007 – Our aim is to give visitors to IWS good information on global Internet usage and at the same time an enjoyable stay with fast loading pages, easy navigation, and above all useful and interesting content. On this first month of year 2007 we are updating all the world population figures and adding new web usage numbers subject, of course, to availability. Likewise we have included some new graphs to better ilustrate the statistics numbers, for example visit the " Big Picture " which shows the latest global Internet figures.

More Internet Usage Stats

– January 12, 2007 – Our records now show that Internet usage is 1,093,529,692 estimated persons surfing the web. Likewise, our population estimate for the world in 2007 is at 6,574,666,417 people. The Internet World Stats web site will be updated by the end of this month, so stay tuned and check often. For now you can get a quick preview of the Big Window at Internet 2007 Usage which shows the latest figures.

New Graphic Charts Added

– December 21, 2006 – We have added new graphics to the Internet World Usage page and the top Languages page. These new graphics help to visualize at a glance the current Internet statistics. We hope you like this addition to the web site. You can see them at World Internet Usage and at Top Internet Languages .

More Internet Capacity for Asian Users

– December 18, 2006 – KT Corp, South Korea's largest fixed line operator, has signed a deal with US telecommunications service provider Tyco Telecommunications to lay a trans-Pacific undersea fibre-optic cable. Under the agreement signed in Beijing, KT will build an 18,000 km submarine cable linking South Korea, China and Taiwan with the US to meet growing demand for trans-Pacific Internet services. This cable, named the TransPacific Express (TPE), will be completed in the latter half of 2008 and start commercial operation in 2009, KT said. Korea is one of the top 20 Internet countries in the world.

Colombia Broadband Subscribers Outnumber Dialup Users

– December 12, 2006 – As of June 30, 2006 Internet Usage in Colombia is 5,475,000 according to official data just released by the Colombian Telecommunications Regulating Commission (CRT). This increase is due to more broadband subscribers, in fact in Colombia dialup users decreased by 11.6% since December, 2005 and now represent only 326,074 subscribers.

World Internet Usage Adjusted to 1,076,203,987

– November 27, 2006 – Internet World Stats has adjusted estimates of the current number of Internet users in the world to only 1,076 billion people as of November 27, 2006. This figure corresponds to a 16.6% world penetration rate.

This decrease was caused by a new survey for India that shows that previous estimates had been overstated. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the correct number for Internet Usage in India is 37,000,000 per survey of September 2006. Another database change corresponds to Internet usage in Vietnam that has increased to 14,210,244 and 16.9% penetration, as of October 2006. Therefore, please go check the updated
world stats table. Only the Asian pages have been updated for now. Always refer to the date on the box below the data, and remember to refresh your browser window in order to display the latest statistics.

Italian Internet Usage Hits 30,763,848

– November 22, 2006 – The latest Internet World Stats update estimates 31 million people are using the Internet in Italy as of November 22, 2006. This figure corresponds to a 51.7% penetration rate.

More details may be seen at the Italy information page. This statistics update is according to Nielsen Net//Ratings data for October, 2006.

Latest World News Videos from Reuters

– November 15, 2006 – Internet World Stats will display as of today Reuters World News Videos.

Our world news page has been approved for publishing the Reuters Video Player. Now visitors can look at the latest World News in Video . This is our first incursion into the Internet multimedia field, we hope it works well. Please report any problems to us. Cheers.

World Internet Usage Hits 1,093,199,895

– November 14, 2006 – Internet World Stats estimates 1,093 billion people are Internet users as of November 12, 2006. This figure corresponds to a 16.8% world penetration rate.

The latest documented updates to our database correspond to Vietnam with 13,100,000 Internet users according to VNNIC, Mexico with 20,200,000 Internet users per AMIPCI (Mexican Internet Association), and United States with 209,024,921 per Nielsen Net//Ratings.

Additionally, Internet users in Poland have increased to 11,400,000 million, Unesco has reported 500,000 users in Uganda, Myanmar usage has increased to 300,000 people, per Myanmar's Telecommunications Authorities, and Ecuador Internet users are 713,277 as of August, 2006 per Supertel.

United States Population Hits 300,000,000

– October 17, 2006 – The USA population officially hit 300 million at 7:46 a.m. EDT Tuesday, when the Census Bureau's population clock rolled over to the big number.

But there weren't any wild celebrations, fireworks or any other government-sponsored hoopla to mark the milestone. Why bother? Many experts think the population actually hit 300 million months ago. It’s not easy estimating the exact number of people in a country the size of the United States.

In 1967 the U.S. population officially hit 200 million, President Johnson held a news conference at the Commerce Department to hail America’s past and to talk about the challenges ahead. Life magazine dispatched a cadre of photographers to find a baby born at the exact moment, anointing a boy born in Atlanta as the 200 millionth American.

By the way, take a look at the population clocks at the USA Census Bureau where you can learn the current population for the World and for the United States, a good research resource.

Internet World Stats Home Page

– October 14, 2006 – The Internet World Stats home page now includes a new feature showing the number of visitors on the home page and their country of origin. The accumulated number of visitors is also shown in a neat table. When you place the mouse pointer over the flags, a world map pops up indicating the location of the corresponding country in the world map.

See the Internet World Stats­ Home Page Visitors

Internet World Stats in Technorati

– September 18, 2006 – Internet World Stats has included this Blog in the Technorati directory. Growth is evident in all parts of the world and detailed figures are shown for Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific and the Americas.

See the Internet World Stats Blog­ Technorati Profile

1,086 Million Internet Users as of September, 2006

– September 18, 2006 – Internet World Stats has published today new Internet usage estimates. Growth is evident in all parts of the world and detailed figures are shown for Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific and the Americas.

See the current Internet Usage Big Picture here at the
Internet World Stats website.

Bulgaria Heat Wave, Mercury up to 40 Degrees

– August 19, 2006 – Sofia News Agency reports a sizzling heat wave swept Bulgaria earlier in the week, will remain through Saturday, with the mercury zooming up to 40C in the southwestern parts. Tourists along the Black Sea coast enjoyed sunny weather and Mediterranean-like sea waves as the temperature of the water reached 26-28C. Sunday 20 will be the hottest day of the summer, forecasts say. Temperatures will come off the boil at the beginning of next week, when spells of cold northwestern air will cool down the country from the sweltering weather. Highs will vary between 32-37C, but will hover a notch below 40C in the southeastern parts of the country.

IWS will supply links to the time and weather information for all parts of the world. Check the temperature in any world region
here. Likewise the individual country pages will feature a link for the local temperatures.

Internet Search Engines Rankings

– Sept 30, 2006 – Internet metrics research company comScore has reported their rankings for search engines in September, 2006. Google sites averaged 45.1% of all searches, Yahoo! 28.1%, Microsoft sites 11.9%, Ask Network 5.8% and Time Warner Network averaged 5.6%.

For more information, please visit

German Speakers in Internet reached 58,854,682

– Sept 20, 2006 – The number of German Speaking Internet users in the world has reached 58,854,682 million people as of Sept 20, 2006, according to Internet World Stats. These users are located in 20 countries in Europe and in Spain. They represent a large global Internet market and are the fifth largest language group, after English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish speakers according to Internet World Stats estimates.”

You can see Spanish Speaking usage stats

World Internet Broadband Prices

– August 9, 2006 – Research firm Point Topic has just published their analysis for broadband tariffs as of Q2 2006. The average price for a DSL entry level service fell by 9.3%, falling twice as fast as tariffs for cable modem services.

You can read the summary

Spanish Speakers in Internet reached 78,166,075

– July 28, 2006 – The number of Spanish Speaking Internet users in the world has reached 78,166,075 million people as of June 30, 2006, according to Internet World Stats. These users are located in 20 countries in the Americas and in Spain. They represent a large global Internet market and are the fourth largest language group, after English, Chinese and Japanese speakers according to Internet World Stats estimates.”

You can see Spanish Speaking usage stats

China Internet Usage at 123,000,000

– July 21, 2006 – China CCNIC has reported that Internet users there are now 123 million people, of which 77 million are broadband access. With this increase, the total number of world Internet users reached 1,043 million people. This update brings the current worldwide Internet penetration to 16.0% according to Internet World Stats estimates.

You can see World usage stats

Mexico Internet Usage at 17,100,000

– April 21, 2006 – Mexico's Internet association AMIPCI says there were 3.6 million internet accounts at the end of 2005, of which 1.8 million were dial-up, 1.7 million broadband and 12,000 dedicated lines. The total number of internet users in the country reached 17.1 million. This update brings the current number of worldwide Internet users to 1,022,967,907 according to Internet World Stats estimates.”

You can see Mexico usage stats

PEW Survey Confirms Global Internet Usage Growth

– February 21, 2006 – The latest Pew Global Attitudes poll found that substantially more peopleare using a computer and going online today than in 2002.

Regarding PC usage, the report states that "in each of the 13 countries for which historical comparisons can be made, more people now use computers at home, school or work than in 2002. The rise is dramatic in Turkey, Russia, India and Poland."

“ Internet use is also on the rise in both industrialized societies and developing countries, with the greatest increases among the British, Poles and French.”

You can download a copy of the PEW report

Online Search has Grown 55% in 2005

NEW YORK– February 9, 2006 – Nielsen//NetRatings, a global leader in Internet media and market research, today reported that the total number of searches in the U.S. conducted across approximately 60 search engines grew 55 percent year-over-year to nearly 5.1 billion searches in December 2005. There were 3.3 billion searches conducted via search engines in December 2004. While the number of searches conducted online swelled, the number of people connecting to the Internet rose a mere three percent to 207 million people in the U.S.

“ The double-digit increase in online search activity marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Internet consumer behavior,” said Ken Cassar, senior director of analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings. “Online search is the primary tool most people rely on to do everyday research.”.

See the
Nielsen Press Release.

Internet Subscribers in Ecuador

February 8, 2006 - In Ecuador the number of internet subscribers reached 514,020 at the end of 2005, up from 191,903 a year before. According to the country’s telecoms authority SUPTEL. Dial-up services accounted for 407,736 users, with all other types of access – DSL, cable and wireless – accounting for a further 106,284. A total of 66 operators provide internet access in Ecuador. Fixed telephone lines now total 1.7 million, an increase of 5.53%, up from 1.61 million in 2004.

See the
Suptel Ecuador Statistics.

Internet Top Ten Languages

January 21, 2006 - The Internet World Stats website has published new statistics for the ten top languages in Internet.

It is no surprise that English continues to be the most numerous language group, and that it is spoken by 30.6% of Internet users.

See the
language stats.

More Broadband Capacity for
Latin America

January 17, 2006 - The project called Maya-1 Upgrade #2 entails expanding the capacity of the Caribbean submarine cable network from the current 5 x 2.5Gbps system to a potential 8 x 10Gbps capacity, to help satisfy the region's broadband needs. The contract was awarded to NEC Corporation.

The present Maya-1 system was originally constructed in 2000, and connects seven strategic landing points including Cancun (Mexico), Puerto Corts (Honduras), Puerto Limn (Costa Rica), Half Moon Bay (Cayman Islands), Mara Chiquita (Panama), Tolu (Colombia) and Hollywood (Florida, US).

See the
press release.

Internet Now Serving More than One Billion Users

January 15, 2006 - As of December 31, 2005, documented Internet world usage according to the Internet World Stats database is 1,018 million people. This figure corresponds to a 15.7% penetration rate. All IWS tables and charts will be updated by the end of the month. Stay tuned and visit frequently this web site for viewing the latest and most complete Internet usage statistics!

See the
usage stats.

Argentina Internet Statistics

January 12, 2006 - On December of 2005, Internet usage was reported as ten million people by the Price and Cooke consultancy. This figure corresponds to a 26% penetration rate, and increases our total world documented Internet usage to 982 million. Hooray, we are getting closer to the one billion target!

See the
Argentina page.

The New Total World Population

January 10, 2006 - According to World Gazetteer, the population of the world is estimated at 6,499,696,392. We are in the process of updating all our tables, this should be ready for uploading by the end of the month.

This page features Internet Usage Statistics, Search Engine and Broad Band News since January/2006. To read the previous Blogs, or the latest one, click on the corresponding date range:
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