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by Scott Aughtmon

One of the most powerful ideas I've ever heard was when I read these words, "Success leaves clues."

That's powerful!

Do you understand what that means?

If you can learn the methods that someone else used to succeed, then you can do the same thing!

Tony Robbins said in his best selling book Unlimited Power, "If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded."

Here are two questions for you:
-Whose success clues are you studying?
-Whose model are you duplicating?

Without a proven model success will be much harder for you to achieve!

The best thing you can do is choose ONE model and begin implementing it. Don't chase after and try multiple models and try "a little of this and that."

Pick one model and implement it. Action is the key!

There are many successful models for you to follow online. But which are the right ones to follow?

Here Are 3 Things To Look For In A Model For Online Success:

1. It should show you how to target a hungry online market.

2. It should reveal to you powerful ways to generate website traffic.

3. It should teach you how to convert prospects into customers.

Use the above criteria to critique the model you choose to duplicate. The final step, again, is to take action and actually implement your success model!

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About the Author:
Scott Aughtmon is the author of
"How You Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession". Looking for an incredible success model for making money online? The link below reveals a model that has ALL of the 3 criteria I listed in the above article. It's also based on the knowledge of 8 top experts! For more info about this model Go to:
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