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5 Secrets To Saving Your
Marketing Dollars

by Debbie Allen

Secret #1 Cut Out The Excess

Does size really count? Not in this case! Smaller
can actually be more effective in the long run.

Yes, you can actually cut down the size of your ad and
run it more often to receive better results in most cases.
The size of your ad does not produce the consumer
confidence that consistency does! This first secret
alone will save you tons of lost marketing dollars.

By running smaller, less expensive, but routine
advertising you can become more effective in the
long run. One of the keys to advertising success is
REPETITION. So a one time shot with a big ad will
not oversell a smaller ad done consistently.

Secret #2 Market To Your Shameless Fans

It costs much less to market to your existing
customers than constantly chasing new ones.

Yes, you must seek out new customers but your
existing customers are easier to reach and can
build your profits faster.

Direct your marketing dollars primarily to existing
customers and your shameless fans and stop constantly
chasing new ones. Yes, you must get new customers
and you should not avoid marketing to them. But, if you
spend more of your marketing dollars and efforts on the
fans who already love you - you will get a greater and faster
return on your marketing investment.

Secret #3 Sprinkle Your Database With Bread Crumbs

It always amazes me when I ask my audience members
how many of them send a direct mail piece to their
existing customers a minimum of 6 times a year. Very
few hands go up. And 6 is just a minimum, it should
actually be 8 to 10 times a year to be really effective.

The number one reason why customers don't return to do
business with you is not because they don't like you, it
is because you let them FORGET about you. Another key
to your marketing success is CONSISTENCY!

You work too hard to get customers, so contact them often.
Increase the frequency of mail to them. Call them more
often. Use email to communicate to them. Implement a
referral rewards program. Create offers that up sell or
magnify your sale.

To do this you should be collecting the contact information
(address, phone and email) of existing customers, prospective
customers and even people in elevators. Elevators? Well
after all you have a captive audience. Hey, don't underestimate
the power of elevator marketing. I was shamelessly marketing
my books to the media at the big book expo in the press
elevator. Well, I was thrown out of the press room and this
SHAMELESS MARKETING GURU does not give up easily.
My elevator marketing was effective until I finally got dizzy
from going up and down.

Secret #4 Don't believe What They Tell You

You would be surprised at how magazines and newspapers
will cut the price of their rate cards if you ask. Business is
difficult for many companies these days and some will do
anything to save an existing customer or win over new
prospective customers.

Look at advertiser's rate cards as a guide line to negotiate
your best price and seek out FREE media exposure.
Don't ever sign a contract without believing you have the
BEST and most FAIR offer. Also seek out FREE publicity
from them with a special feature story or article about your
business. Make sure they include a photo of you or your
company to make the publicity even more effective.

The FREE publicity, when done well, can get you 10
times more results than your paid advertising. It is not
an ad, but a feature story about an expert - YOU.

Secret #5 Trade Products and/or Service

You can save a lot of marketing dollars by bartering with
the media and other business alliances. Believe it or not,
as much as 50 percent of media is not purchased, but
obtained by barter. This is a great way to save marketing
dollars and save on the retail cost of advertising.

Example: I bartered for a feature story in a national magazine
by offering my services as a professional speaker. It was a win
win for all. I suggested that they support the success of their
advertisers by bringing me in to present a marketing seminar.
This way they had contact with their existing customers and
new prospective fans. My services were the tool to bring them
together and build customer loyalty. I won by getting a nice
feature store and all I had to offer in return was my time and

This was a great way for the magazine to RELATE to their
existing and prospective customers without giving them a
sales pitch. It was delivered through a third party and an
expert who supported their publication. You are an expert
too. How can you use this to your advantage, barter and
save your marketing dollars?

About the Author:
Debbie Allen is an internationally recognized marketing and
sales expert, professional speaker and author of 3 books on
business marketing including, Confessions of Shameless
Self Promoters and Confessions of Shameless Internet
Promoters. For information email:
Phone: 800-359-4544 - Website:

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