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Kenya - officially named The Republic of Kenya - is a country in Eastern Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, and Sudan to the northwest, with the Indian Ocean running along the southeast border. Kenya became independent on December 12th, 1963.

Internet Usage Statistics:
43,329,434 Internet users as of June/2017, 89.4% of the population, according to CAK

Latest Population Estimate:
48,466,928 population for 2017, according to US Census Bureau.

Gross National Income:
GNI per capita is US$ 1,290 (2014) according to World Bank

Country Area:
580,367 sq km

Internet Usage and Population Growth:




% Pen.

Usage Source




0.7 %





7.9 %





8.6 %





9.7 %





69.6 %





89.4 %


Kenya Search Engines and Directories:

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Kenya information and complete profile.

Kenya Profile
Kenya Profile from the BBC, featuring
overview, facts, leaders, and media.

Kenya Chapter, Internet Society
Kenya regional open directory.

Kenya Basic Information
Kenya basic data from the CIA World Factbook.

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Kenya Telecommunications Reports

Kenya Fixed Broadband, Digital Economy and Media, Stats and Analyses
Kenya’s broadband market has been transformed by a combination of increased investments in network upgrades among the key providers as well as the landing of four fibre-optic submarine cables. This international connectivity ended the country’s dependence on limited and expensive satellite services, while vastly increased bandwidth has led to wholesale prices tumbling to a fraction of the former rate.
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Kenya Mobile Infrastructure, Operators, Broadband, Stats and Analyses
2005 has been a year of uncertainty for the Kenyan telecommunications market, but the path of liberalisation taken by the country’s regulator seems Kenya’s mobile market has continued to grow steadily, supported by a mobile subscriber base of about 39.8 million by early 2017. Some market consolidation occurred following the acquisition by Airtel and Safaricom of Essar Telecom’s yuMobile business.
Read the executive summary.

Kenya Mobile Market - Overview and Statistics
Kenya’s telecommunications market continues to undergo considerable changes in the wake of increased competition, improved international connectivity, and rapid developments in the mobile market.
Read the executive summary.

Other African Market and Telecommunications Reports
African Mobile Broadband, Data and Mobile Media Market
Telecommunications Report.

Kenya Internet ICT Background

October 25, 2017

The Internet first became available in Kenya during 1993. Full Internet access was established in 1995. The African Regional Centre for Computing (ARCC), an NGO based in Nairobi , Kenya , became the first provider of web-based Internet service. The first commercial ISP, Formnet began operating in 1995. Soon competition increased with the entry of three other ISPs. All the ISPs would lease analogue or digital data lines from Kenya to the US to access the Internet backbone.

In 2000, there were about 200,000 Internet users in Kenya , with an estimated monthly growth of 300 new subscribers each month. The main users of the Internet in Kenya are Multinational corporations, international organizations and NGOs. All the government’s ministries are now accessible via the internet.

The 2017 estimate of Internet users in Kenya from the ITU is 43,329,434 people, corresponding to a penetration rate of 89.4%. At present there are 72 licensed ISPs of which about half are operational. Currently the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) is considering conducting a comprehensive Internet Usage Study to confirm the latest number of users in Kenya.

Since many people in Kenya do not have fixed phone lines, computers, or electricity, internet shops, known as cyber cafes, provide access to internet and email, mainly in the major towns. A major factor that may have influenced the use of ICT positively in Kenya is the use of the English language. English is the official language in Kenya, and Information Technology (IT) services are largely based in English, so this has been a great advantage.

Further reading on Kenya:

Communications Commision of Kenya
Get the latest information about
telecommunications in Kenya.

Kenya eCitizen Portal
Kenya gobernment, services, and links,
can be found here.

Kenya Government Website
Kenya news and important links can be found here.

Kenya Newspapers Links
Most important daily news and information from Kenya here.


Visit the The Africa Telecommunications Reports Page. More figures and updates become available all the time.

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